Price Comparison Websites

Offer your products on price comparison websites to increase your sales

What are Price Comparison Websites?

Price comparison websites are sites on which Internet users can find information about products and compare them. On price comparison sites such as, idealo or CHECK24, users can find products from various online shops on one central page. This allows them to compare the shops and products. The product range on large comparison portals is now almost limitless. Users can compare the prices and features of both physical products as well as services.

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What Price Comparison Website are There?

There are now many different price comparison websites. The most common and well-known price comparison sites include Google Shopping, and in Germany idealo, CHECK24, gü and Each of the sites has its own strengths. You should define which platforms are suitable for you and your products in advance.

How Price Comparison Websites Work

The user is presented with many products and services from different online shops on one page. They can then compare them and make a purchase decision. Sellers submit their products to the respective price comparison site through a data feed. The products and services are published on the site and can be compared. For most price comparison providers, charges are based on a pay per click model. Meaning the seller pays fees for each click the user makes. A big advantage for you as a seller, because you only pay when a customer has actually clicked on your shop.

What are the Advantages of Comparison Website for you as a Seller?

As explained in the previous paragraph, as a seller you pay fees based on clicks in most cases. This protects you from incurring high costs without added value for your online shop. Price comparison portals also offer you the opportunity to increase your customer reach. You can offer your products to potential customers who may not yet know your brand and thus increase your sales. In most cases you reach customers with high purchase intention, which results in high conversion rates. In order to be competitive, we recommend that you offer your products on suitable price comparison portals.

How to Offer Your Products on Price Comparison Websites

You should first look very closely at various price comparison sites and decide which make most sense for your products. Once you have selected the sites you want to offer your products on, you usually have to register on the sites as a seller. Then you start with the technical implementation. To offer your products on a price comparison site you need a data feed to transfer your data to the site. As your full-service Shopware agency we would be happy to take care of the technical implementation for you by setting up the data feeds and ensuring that they are transferred to the price comparison sites without errors.