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Web Hosting That Meets Every Demand

We are very familiar with the applications our customers work with and know exactly which server is best to host your online shop. We find the server that meets your needs. Additionally, we set up the server for you and take care of application-specific configurations as well as continuous operation.

We not only create high-performance online shops for our customers, but also make sure that the web servers meet the highest requirements. Our services provide customers everything they need from one source. From shop creation to maintenance and hosting. As a full-service agency, we know exactly what requirements a server must meet in order to do justice to your online shop.


The Advantages of Hosting at ZweiPunkt GmbH

  • Many services on offer - one contact person: As a full-service Shopware agency, we are your single point of contact to address all of your concerns. No more annoying telephone marathons when errors occur in your online shop. Thanks to our expert Shopware and hosting experience, we can find what is causing the problem quickly and fix it immediately.
  • Save time: By hosting your online shop with us you get all the services you need in one place. We are familiar with your Shopware online shop and can therefore optimally configure hosting for your shop. Because all responsibility lies with one service provider, unnecessary and time-consuming communication with various service providers is no longer necessary.
  • Powerful servers: We host your online shop on powerful servers. To ensure the best performance and fastest load times for your Shopware shop, we work closely together with our partner Hetzner for our hosting solutions.
  • Optimize PageSpeed: Inexpensive hosting providers usually rely on lower-performance servers. This increases the load times of your online shop, which leads to a higher bounce rate. But PageSpeed is also an important factor for the SEO of your online shop. Long load times negatively affect the ranking in search engines. By using professional hosting with powerful servers, you optimize the PageSpeed of your online shop, which has a positive effect on the ranking in search engines.
  • Minimize marketing costs: With good PageSpeed that leads to improved ranking, you save costs when placing advertisements. SEO measure for your online shop also lead to better conditions for ads. In addition, you have to invest less in paid advertising if your ranking on Google & Co. is higher and you reach more potential customers through organic searches.

Our Hosting Migration Services

There are many reasons behind wanting to change your hosting provider. It is often because your currents provider no longer meets the requirements of your online shop. Maybe your online shop has grown significantly, and your current server is no longer powerful enough. Maybe you discover that your current hosting solution is too slow for your online shop. Or maybe you just want another type of hosting. Switching from a shared hosting solution to a managed hosting solution can have many advantages. But no matter why you want a change, the migration should run smoothly. Hosting migration can be very time-consuming - but it doesn't have to be! Because we can help you relocate your online shop to our servers. We first figure out the optimal hosting solution for your online shop together. Then we take care of the migration for you to ensure that everything runs smoothly and no errors occur.
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Migration Service

  • Complete transfer of all data and databases
  • We carry out domain transfers at the appropriate / previously agreed upon time
  • Modification of configurations to fit the new server environment

The Right Hosting for Your Shopware Online Shop

In order for your Shopware online shop to reach its full potential, it is important that it is hosted properly. As a full-service Shopware agency, we know what your online shop needs. We also know what is required from a server to make sure your Shopware shop runs optimally. Prevent shopping cart abandonment due to long loading times. We work with the best hosting providers. With fast load times, they guarantee an increase in your e-commerce success. Our managed hosting services for Shopware shops guarantee that your Shopware shop can be reached quickly and easily at any time. It is especially important to make sure to use a powerful server when you have a large Shopware shop. When choosing your hosting provider for your Shopware shop, you should also consider how your shop will develop in the future. Whether you use Shopware 5 or Shopware 6 - we will find exactly the right hosting package for your Shopware shop.

For file storage

  • For documents, images, etc.
  • 5GB storage
  • FTP access
  • Databases
  • Data backups
Memory intensive shops and projects

  • Intel Hexa-Core CPU
  • Up to 1TB Enterprise SSD
  • Server location Germany
  • Daily on-site backups
For off-site backups

  • Up to 20TB storage
  • 150GB Storage
  • Unlimited Public Projects
  • Community Access
  • Unlimited Free Subdomains

An Overwiew of Our Hosting Services for Your Online Shop

Redis Instances

We can set up a Redis instance for you. Thanks to its fast in-memory data storage, it can be used among other things for caching.

Staging Environments

If you need a test environment for your online shop, we would be happy to set up accounts and databases for you.


Protecting your online shop is very important to us. By automatically detecting attack patterns we can ensure the security of your online shop.

SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate for SSL encryption of your online shop is indispensable in this day and age. We set up free SSL certificates for all your websites.

SSH Access

To run applications in the terminal (console) you need SSH access. You can get this access on our application servers.


Recurring tasks for your online shop can be executed automatically in the background. We would be happy to set up Cronjobs for you that execute these tasks on a regular basis.


We support many PHP versions, including the following: PHP5/PHP7/PHP8

Software Updates

Web servers, databases and PHP versions should always be up to date. We perform software updates for you to update the web servers, databases and PHP versions regularly.

Email Accounts

You can easily receive your mails via POP3 or IMAP and send them via SMTP. Alternatively, we can also provide webmail.

Domain Registration

We register the domain(s) of your choice. We register domains with common extensions and can also transfer domains from your previous provider if you want.