We support and advise you throughout the entire digitalization process, leading you and your company to success

Digitalize Your Business

Did you know that you can receive up to 15,000 euros in federal funding for digitalizing your company? Did you know that the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs currently offers 4,000 euros in funding for transforming your company from offline to online? We are familiar with all funding opportunities available to your company and would be happy to offer you advice about them. We can together create a concept on how to best use your funding and support you with strategy development, marketing planning and financial planning. We can also create an individual business plan for you, or you could take part in one of our coaching sessions for founders and entrepreneurs.

Digitalisierung Deines Unternehmens

Coaching and Consulting for Founders and Entrepreneurs

We are a registered consulting company at the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and offer competent consulting and coaching for founders and entrepreneurs. We offer advice on all topics related to business start-ups or existing self-employment for free. We can help you find out which subsidies and subsidy programs would make sense for you and help you to apply for them. We can help you in various other areas as well. We can, for example, help you develop a new (online) marketing strategy or advise you on how to restore and secure liquidity. We can also analyze and optimize your cost structure together. Want to branch out into new business fields? We would be happy to give you advice on all the possibilities. For existing companies, we also offer turnaround consulting, and can help guide you through the process of corporate succession and company management.

Some of the Ways We Can Help You:

  1. Development of a new (online) marketing strategy
  2. Restoring and securing of liquidity
  3. Analysis and optimization of your cost structure
  4. Development of new business areas
  5. Promotion of digital transformation
  6. Turn-around consulting for existing companies
  7. Corporate succession and management buy-in / buy-out

Subsidy Check for Start-Ups and Entrepreneurs

Subsidies can make it a lot easier for start-ups or people who are self-employed and want to further develop their business. You don’t know which subsidies make sense for your business? No problem, we always keep up to date about government funding issues and can advise you extensively about which funding is appropriate for your business. It is often difficult to find the best subsidy yourself, so it’s important to get competent advice. We can also develop a comprehensive business plan for banks and private investors for you. In addition, if you are unemployed, we would be happy to help you set up a new business. If things get difficult for your company, we offer turnaround consulting to help get things back on track. Would you like to expand into new markets and countries? Then we would be happy to advise you and help you figure out which options are available to you. Have another request? Contact us, let us know how we can help you.

Some of the Ways We Can Help You:

  1. Development of a comprehensive business plan for banks and private investors
  2. Support for starting a business when unemployed
  3. Turnaround consulting if things get difficult for your business
  4. Expansion into new markets and countries
  5. Any other form of support
Interim Management

Interim Management of Marketing & Sales in Your Company

Use know-how from outside your company to strengthen your marketing and sales departments. The demands on marketing departments are constantly growing and becoming more and more complex, making it all the more important to discover and exploit hidden potential. Sales departments must be able to react quickly and flexibly to the constantly changing needs and wishes of customers. Interim management is suitable as a fast and professional bridging measure until you have found a long-term solution or employees have acquired the necessary skills for the position. Our experienced managers can fill the positions, helping you to not only lighten the burden on your employees, but also learn from the know-how we have gained from previous projects.