Sendcloud – Shipping Platform

Save valuable time by automating your shipping process

Why Does it Make Sense to Use a Shipping Software?

By using a shipping software you save valuable time. You can then invest this time in your core business and your customers. With the help of a shipping platform you can handle your shop’s entire shopping process in one central system.


Sendcloud Supports the Entire Shipping Process

Sendcloud is a 360° shipping platform for your online shop. Our partner Sendcloud provides all the tools you need for the shipping process in your online shop. So you can optimize everything that has to do with shipping your products, for example by printing shipping labels directly from your Sendcloud dashboard. You can also ship products with the shipping carrier of your choice and define your own automated shipping rules.

Optimize the Return Process with SendCloud

Sendcloud helps you define shipping rules and select various shipping carriers as well as handle your returns. Ensure customer-friendly returns to motivate your customers to make further purchases. In addition to standard refunds, with Soundcloud you can also offer your customers in-shop credit. So your customers have an incentive to make further purchases in your shop. You can also further simplify the return process for your customers by allowing them to drop off their returns at a parcel shop near them. By automatically informing your customers about the status of their returns, you can also reduce the number of service requests you get. With its own dashboard, the returns tool allows you to review all your returns including date, product description and reason for the return.

Optimize the Checkout Process and Increase the Conversion Rate

If a customer has made it to the checkout page in your shop you have done everything right so far. Now it is important to offer them all the options necessary to successfully complete the purchase. Sendcloud helps you optimize the checkout process in your shop. You can offer your customers delivery on a day of their choice, same-day delivery or next-day delivery. You can also offer various shipping methods as well as delivery to a parcel shop.


An Overwiew of the Advantages of Sendcloud

Online shops of all shapes and sizes use Sendcloud to automate their shipping process and scale globally. You too can take advantage of Sendcloud for your online shop.

Flexible Shipping Options

Sendcloud allows you to offer your customers flexible shipping options, reducing the number of abandoned purchases due to a lack of shipping options and increasing your conversion rate.

Accelerate Internal Processes

Use your own workflows to speed up your internal processes - pick, pack and create labels faster.

Personalized Track & Trace Page

You can create and design your own personalized Track & Trace page for your online shop in Sendcloud. Make your customers happy with your track and trace page as well as the accompanying email notifications.

Optimize Returns Process

Handle your online shop’s returns easily with the help of SendCloud. Keep track of all your returns and increase customer satisfaction.

Full Control

In the Sendcloud analytics tool you can review all your shipping data at a glance. So you can access the statistics at any time and keep full control of your shipments.

Increase Conversion Rate

The optimizations you implement with Soundcloud demonstrably increase your shop’s conversion rates.

Boost customer loyalty through excellent shopping experiences

You can create a tracking page customized to your shop with SendCloud. You can make this page available to your customers. So they always know where their package is currently located and when it will arrive. You can design the tracking page how you want and add your company's logo. You can also display your Instagram feed and various advertising banners on it.


Complete Control Over Your Shipping

You can review all shipping data from the last 30 days with SendCloud's analytics tool. In the dashboard you can review individual statistics. For example, you can call up statistics on parcel service providers, shipping countries or individual shops.

How Does SendCloud Work?

In order to use SendCloud your online shop has to be connected. This can be done either using a plug & play integration or an API. After that the parcel services you want to work with are connected. Then you can optimize the checkout process. You have the option to use additional functions such as shipping label printing. Shipping rules can also be defined and pick lists can be created. Finally, shipment tracking is personalized and the returns process is optimized. As a full-service Shopware agency, we can help you integrate of SendCloud. We can connect your online shop to the shipping platform.