Pickware – ERP System

Automated & optimized processes with an ERP System

What is Pickware?

By using Pickware you integrate an ERP system directly into your Shopware backend, so you can manage all your data in one central system. You can manage everything from orders and goods received up to inventory planning. Pickware is made up of the following three modules Shopware ERP, Shopware WMS and Shopware POS.

ERP Pickware

Shopware ERP, Shopware WMS and Shopware POS by Pickware

Pickware ERP integrates the functions warehouse management, supplier management, purchasing, statistics and margin control into your Shopware backend. Shopware WMS from Pickware saves you a lot of time by automating warehouse management and shipping. With apps provided by Pickware, your products’ barcodes can be scanned quickly and easily, and the information is automatically passed on to your Shopware shop. You also have a local store? Then Shopware POS from Pickware is exactly what you need, as it allows you to manage sales from all channels in one central system.

How Can You Intergrate Pickware into Your Online Shop?

As a full-service Shopware agency we would be happy the help you with your Pickware project. We are a Pickware partner, and have already realized Pickware projects for various online shops. We can take care of integrating Pickware into your online shop as well.