idealo – Price Comparison Website

Sell your products on one of the largest shopping and comparison websites

What is idealo?

There are more and more websites online that offer customers product comparisons. is one of the largest and most well-known price comparison websites where customers can search for and buy products.


Make Use of the Advantages of Price Comparison Websites

In most cases, customers who search for products on price comparison websites are already ready to purchase them. So the likelihood that they will actually buy a product is very high. If you offer your products on websites like idealo you too can reach customers with high purchase intent. Over 50,000 retailers already offer their products on idealo. If you do not offer your products there yet, you could be at a disadvantage compared to your competitors. So we strongly recommend that you offer your products on comparison websites to take advantage of additional sales potential.

Your Products on idealo – How Does it Work?

As a seller you have the choice of offering your products on idealo as a comparison product, as a direct purchase or both. To get started, you first need to register for an idealo business account and enter your contact information and shop details. As soon as registration is completed the technical connection of your products to idealo can begin. As your full-service Shopware agency, we can take care of everything regarding price comparison websites for you. We can carry out the technical connection of your Shopware shop to idealo and make sure that your products are correctly and optimally transferred to idealo.