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To avoid slow loading times it is important to have the right hosting provider for your online shop

The Right Hosting Provider for Your Online Shop

With so many different hosting providers available, it can be hard to make the right choice. It is very important to make sure that the hosting service meets the technical requirements of your online shop. Customers get annoyed when pages load too slowly, which can lead to high rates of shopping cart abandonment. So it is even more important that your Shopware shop functions perfectly and with fast loading times.


What to Consider re. Hosting for Your Online Shop

First give some thought to how your online shop will develop and which direction it will take in the future. This is crucial for choosing the right hosting provider. The bigger your online shop is, the more powerful the server should be. Make sure you know the difference between a shared hosting solution and a managed server. In shared hosting the server’s storage space and resources are divided between several online shops, which can result in lower server performance for your shop. On managed servers on the other hand you get more performance and space, and maintenance and administration of the dedicated server are taken care of by the hosting provider. So you have more time to concentrate on your customers and your shop.

How Can You Find the Right Hosting Provider?

As a full-service Shopware agency, we are familiar with what our customers and their shops need. We can help you choose the right hosting provider. Our partner Hetzner has reliable servers with extremely high performance. We hold ourselves accountable to taking care of you and your online shop from A to Z. Our 360° support also includes us selecting the right hosting provider for you and setting up your shop on it.