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What is Google Ads?

Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) is an online advertising platform by Google. It allows you to place ads on the Google network to better reach potential customers. You can reach customers on Google itself and also on partner websites as well as other Google products and apps. There are many ways of advertising, such as shopping ads, search ads and display campaigns. You can also run remarketing and brand campaigns with Google.

Google Ads

How Does Google Ads Work?

You reach your customers at exactly the right moment on the right platform with Google Ads. You can for example target a potential customer who is looking for a specific product during their search as well as address different target groups. Remarketing campaigns allow you to reach customers based on certain criteria, such as visiting a certain page, so you can reach your shop’s visitors again and convince them to make a purchase.

What Does Google Ads Cost?

There are no fixed costs for using Google Ads. You choose how much a click on your ad is worth to you. You can set limits at various levels for click prices. And you only have to pay when users actually click on your ad.

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Earn Money with Google Ads and Increase Your Online Sales

Make potential new customers aware of your products and exploit the full potential of your online shop. You can reach these customers and increase your sales with Google Ads. Google Ads campaigns should be set up correctly, which is why we a full-service Shopware agency would be happy to assist you. Our SEA experts can set up your Google Ads account and set up the campaigns suitable for your products. We would also be happy to support you and your campaigns on a permanent basis. We spot optimization potentials and implement necessary changes to the campaigns, supporting you to be successful in the long run and to get the maximum out of your Shopware shop.

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