Create Test Environment

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a test environment with StageWare® step by step and about things you need to watch out for.


You have already installed StageWare®, you have created a new database on your server and configured at least one profile in the StageWare® Manager. Instructions for intalling StageWare® here: Installation Instructions

Open StageWare® Manager

You can configure and control all test environments and backups in the StageWare® Manager. Open the administration area on your Shopware backend via Configuration > StageWare® Manager. Now select the PROFILES tab.

Create Test Environment

Click on the "TEST ENVIRONMENTS" tab. There is a separate control panel for each profile (except for the live profile) here to control the test environments. In addition, you can review their configurations.

Under "1-click actions" you can use the create button to set up a test environment with just one click. StageWare® will then carry out all the steps required for the setup on its own.

Files in the specified path and data in the specified database will be deleted automatically. So you can overwrite a test environment with one click without having to delete it first.

Please note that this may take a while, depending on the size of your shop.

If you want to remove the test environment without setting it up again, you can do so with the delete button.

Please Note: Work-intensive steps, such as copying the files or importing the database, are automatically divided into smaller steps to avoid timeouts on your server

If the setup is not possible or there is an error, please check here: test-environment-setup-not-functioning

Working with the Test Environment

Now you can use your test environment. In the "Actions" section, you can easily access the frontend via "Open Test Environment". The test environment’s login data is the same as the shop that has been copied (usually the live store).


If the test environment does not work properly, please check here:
Can’t Create Test Environment
Test Environment is Set Up But Not Working

Learn how to transfer data from a test environment to the live system here: transfer-data-from-test-environment-to-live-system