Transfer Data from a Test Environment to a Live System

We are often asked how to transfer changes from a test environment to the live system Unfortunately, for those wishing for a magic button, there isn't one. In the following passages, we explain background information and possible methods of getting your changes onlilne in your live system.

Why can’t I transfer the changes to the live system by clicking a button?

Good question. When you create a test environment from the live system, then it is a copy of the live system from that date. However, data (such as orders) continues to flow into the live system but not into the test environment. So the test environment can’t be copied into the live system in entirety because orders would be lost. Additionaly, Shopware unfortunately doesn’t provide a base for automatically analyzing and merging the two systems.

Of course, it would be possible in theory to transfer specific individual data from the test environment to the live system. For example articles, shopping worlds or themes. Since there are already export and import options for many things in Shopware or with the help of plugins, we have not implemented our own routines here.

In general we suggest that you make notes of the changes made in the test environment and then reproduce them in the live system.

Export and Import Options


Articles can be transferred using the Shopware Import/Export plugin.


Categories can be transferred using the Shopware Import/Export plugin.

Shopping Worlds

Shopping worlds can be exported and imported directly from the backend overview.


For many plugins it is possible to export and import the configuration with the following plugin: App Settings Exporter.

Theme Derivatives (Child Themes)

Theme derivatives are stored in your Shopware folder in the subfolder /themes. You can download the files via FTP und upload them into your live system. The theme from which it was originally derived must be installed.