Restore Backup

You can restore a backup created with StageWare® directly via FTP and phpMyAdmin. Experienced professionals can also simplify the process via SSH.

A Tip if You Don’t Have Much Technical Experience

The following instructions are intended for users who have experience with FTP, MySQL and PHP files. If you don’t succeed restore the backup yourself, you can contact any Shopware agency, freelancer and maybe even your hosting provider. Give them these instructions and the backup. For a small fee, they’ll probably be able to restore the backup for you. If not, just contact us.

Only full backups (files +database) can be restored. Follow the following steps to restore a backup:

  1. Upload backup file onto server

    The backup archive (e.g. domain.de__1_live_2019-10-24_14-35.tgz) must be uploaded to the server in a directory which is accessible from the desired domain.


  2. Extract backup file
    Now you have to extract the backup file. To help with this, you can download a PHP script from the following link:

    Now upload the extract.php file into the same folder as the backup archive and open it with a web browser: e.g.

    Alternatively, you can extract the backup archive with a server command.

  3. Import database
    After extracting the database file, the script we provided (extract.php) offers you the option to download the file. Download the SQl file, then import it into the database on your server using phpMyAdmin. Experienced users can also import the database dump via SSH.

  4. adjust config.php
    Now you have to edit your Shopware shop’s config.php file. It is located in the same directory you uploaded the backup file in step 1 to. Edit the database data in config.php.

  5. configure base_path (optional)
    If the folder structure where the shop should be accessible changes (e.g. =>, the base_path in the database in the table s_core_shops (entries where "main_id" is empty) must be edited.