Create Backup

In this tutorial you will learn step by step how to create a backup with StageWare® and what you should watch out for.


You have already installed StageWare®, created a new database on your server and configured at least one profile in the StageWare® Manager. The StageWare® installation guide is here.: Installation Guide

General Information About Backups

The backups in StageWare® are a great and easy way to minimize your shop’s downtime and quickly create a backup. BUT&'58; The backups in StageWare® do not replace regular, full server-side backups! Please view StageWare® backups as a supplement to the server-side backups.

Open StageWare® Manager

The StageWare® Manager is the administration center where you configure and control all test environments and backups. Open the administration panel in your Shopware backend via "Settings" > "StageWare® Manager". Now select the tab "BACKUPS".

Create and Download Backup

There is an overview of all the profiles, including the default profile called "Live" in the subtab “Create”. The live profile is your live store. You can create a full backup or only a file or database backup.

Now click on "Full" to create a combined file and database backup. This will be the preferred backup type, only experienced users will create the individual backups. Please note that this may take some time depending on the size of your shop.

The backup created is a tgz archive (or a tar archive if you have disabled backup compression in the plugin configuration). In the sub-tab "Download and Administration" you can download the backup or delete it if you want. Now click on "Download" to download the backup.