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The Trusted Shops trustmark gains customers’ confidence in your online shop and allows you to generate more sales with genuine customer reviews.

What is Trusted Shops and What Does the Trustmark Mean?

Trust is especially important when shopping online. Customers want their online shopping to run smoothly. From the ordering process to payment and delivery, everything should function without a hitch. Customers orient themselves to reviews from previous customers. By examining reviews, customers can find information about delivery reliability and product quality. The ratings platform Trusted Shops allows you to collect customer reviews and customers can view the ratings directly on your online shop. A Trusted Shops Trustmark signals that your shop is trustworthy and reputable. Trusted Shops also offers additional buyer protection for when products never reach customers or are damaged.

Trusted Shops
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What are the Advantages of Trusted Shop for Your Online Shop?

Trusted Shops checks every online shop manually and certifies it with the Trusted Shops Trustmark if the check is successful. This seal of approval gains your customers’ trust. Your customers can see how other customers rate purchases in your online shop. So you can show your customers that your shop is serious and reliable, which increases customers’ willingness to make purchases. The number of order cancellations decreases and turnover increases. Your Trusted Shops profile page helps your shop’s search engine optimization through a high-quality backlink. Your advertisements also profit from the use of Trusted Shops; The review ratings can be included in Google Ads and Google Shopping. Also, you can collect additional ratings through automatic rating reminders. You can also control the interaction between you and your customers. You can directly respond to customer feedback and manage conflicts on the portal.

Overview of the Advantages of Trusted Shops


High-quality backlink on your Trusted Shops profile page helps to improve your search engine ranking

Reviews in Search Engines

Your Trusted Shops reviews are displayed in your Google Ads and Google Shopping campaigns as well as the Google search results. The same goes for Bing.

Conversion Increase of Up to 30%

Your customers‘ purchase decisions are influenced by customer reviews of your online shop. Gain trust through the Trusted Shops Trustmark and increase your purchase completion rate.

Customer Loyalty

Trusted Shops offers many functions that strengthen customer loyalty. Send automatic rating reminders, respond to reviews and manage conflicts. With the integrated analysis tool, you can also analyze your customer feedback and optimize your product offer.

For B2C and B2B

The Trusted Shops Trustmark is suitable for both B2C and B2B, as its acceptance is very high!

Trustmark / Badges

Individually customizable review sticker

Trusted Shops Sales Partner

As a Trusted Shops Sales Partner, we are happy to advise you on Trusted Shops certification for your online shop. We integrate the Trustmark and adapt it to your shop, of course as a responsive design. This ensures optimal display on all devices, whether desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Trusted Shops Sales Partner