Sell on Amazon, eBay & Co.

Reach potential customers through external marketplaces to increase your sales

What are External Marketplaces?

Online marketplaces are online platforms on which various sellers offer their products. They are also one of the largest points of contact for customers who are looking for products. Two of the most widely used sales platforms in Germany are eBay and Amazon, where customers can find products from all areas and from a wide variety of sellers.

Externe Marktplätze

What is Amazon FBA?

You've come across the term Amazon FBA and are wondering what it actually is? With Amazon FBA, Amazon takes care of shipping your products to your customers. You deliver your products to Amazon’s warehouse. As soon as a customer buys a product, Amazon ships directly from there. Amazon takes care of order picking, packaging and finally shipping the products. So you can optimize your processes, save time and increase customer satisfaction.

Was ist Amazon FBA
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Why it Makes Sense to Offer Your Products on Amazon & eBay

You want to increase your sales and reach more potential customers? Then we recommend connecting your online shop to external marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay and Co. Many customers search for products without a specific manufacturer on these marketplaces. Some customers also just browse the platforms or look for gifts. By offering your products on these marketplaces, you reach a lot of potential customers who are ready to buy. It also allows you to keep up with your competitors.

How You Can Sell Your Products on Marketplaces Like Amazon and eBay

If you want to offer products on external marketplaces, we recommend a professional interface provider to help you transfer your product information from your Shopware backend directly to the platform of your choice. As a full-service Shopware agency, we can support you through the entire marketplace integration process. With the help of our reliable partner magnalister we can connect a variety of marketplaces. We can take care of the setup and transfer of the data to the respective platform. So you can continue to concentrate on your online shop and your customers. When presenting your products on marketplaces, however, you should also make sure your product detail pages are complete and up to date. How you present your products on external marketplaces is extremely important. And don’t forget to take SEO aspects of the platforms into account and optimize your product pages with this in mind. If you need help with SEO, our our SEO experts would be happy to help you.