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Email Marketing for more sales and better customer loyalty

Why Email Marketing is Important

The goal of email marketing is to reinforce customer loyalty and generate additional sales. Expensive campaigns to acquire new customers are often implemented, but the customers are then left to their own devices and further sales potential is lost. It is important that you keep in touch with customers after their purchase and continue to support them. By doing this, you can take advantage of further sales potential. You can for example send customers coupons a certain amount of time after they have made a purchase in your online shop, encouraging them to make another purchase. Or you can send them an email offering great accessories for the product they have already purchased.


MailBeez as an Email Marketing Tool

MailBeez is an email marketing tool directly integrated into your Shopware backend. It allows you to reach your customers at the right time with the right email. MailBeez offers shop owners many different ways of contacting their customers and generating sales. From increasing sales and gaining more product reviews to sending coupons, MailBeez has it all.

The Advantages of MailBeez

The email marketing tool MailBeez offers many different ways of contacting customers. You can easily set up automated emails in your MailBeez tool on the Shopware backend. Email designs can be edited and adapted to fit your shop’s brand identity. MailBeez has a lot of ready-made templates making it even easier to set up and send emails. You can send your customers an email after their purchase offering accessories for the product they purchased, taking advantage of further sales potential. Or you can send a promotional email to certain customers with a discount code for their next purchase. MailBeez also offers you the opportunity to collect more reviews by sending out a review reminder email. You want to offer your customers a special discount for your online shop on their birthday? MailBeez makes it easy. You can even send personalized coupons to your customers with MailBeez. You can also set an expiration date for the coupons if you want to. Most importantly, everything can be automated in the MailBeez tool. You decide which customers to address, define how long coupons are valid and when exactly which customers get emails. Everything can easily be customized to fit your needs.

Utilize the Potential Of Your Customer Base

Send simple, automated review requests: MailBeez offers online shop owners the perfect solution for individually and automatically reaching customers. Thanks to its simple integration into a variety of shops systems, shop owners can collect reviews quickly and automatically with MailBeez.
Mailbeez Shops

Email Marketing for Your Online Shop

The MailBeez tool needs to be integrated and set up in your Shopware shop in order for you to be able to use it. As a full-service Shopware agency, we would be happy to take care of integrating and setting up Mailbeez in your Shopware shop for you. If you want, we can also offer long-term support and set up automated emails, build newsletter campaigns as well as create individual designs for your emails.

The Advantages of MailBeez at a Glance

Once installed and set up, MailBeez automatically finds customers you thought you had lost for example and sends them a personalized email. Customers can also be asked for product and shop reviews or be reminded of birthdays.

Increase Sales by Up to 30%

Through ongoing contact maintenance, your customers remember you better thanks to personalized emails. Instead of starting again with a Google search, more customers make purchases directly in your online shop – data which can be confirmed at any time in the inbuilt analysis tool!

Collect Reviews

About 5-10% of your customers would be happy to give you reviews of your shop and products – you just need to ask them to do so with the help of MailBeez! This interaction also helps customers to remember your brand.

Ready-Made Templates

Request product reviews, birthday greetings, emails to win back customers, segmented newsletters, payment reminders … MailBeez offers a large variety of ready-to-use email marketing campaigns and automations.

Personalized Coupons

MailBeez can automatically generate personalized coupons, which are valid e.g. only for 14 days and can only be redeemed once. This gets your customers’ attention while allowing you full control over your discounts.

Time Machine Included

MailBeez can look into your shop’s past so you can reactivate inactive customers. You can of course determine the time frame yourself.

Fully Automatable

Once set up, you can have MailBeez automatically work for you and watch as it leads to success. You can of course also run all modules manually.