CHECK24 – Comparison Website

Sell your products on CHECK24 and increase your sales

What is CHECK24?

On CHECK24, customers can compare a wide range of products and services. The website offers everything from insurance and electricity providers to apparel, beauty products and electronic devices.

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How You Can Profit from Being a Seller on CHECK24

Comparison websites are the first port of call for many customers who are set on making purchases and want to compare both the prices and specs before buying. Countless retailers are now active on CHECK24 and offer customers their products and services for comparison. In order to keep up with the competition, we recommend that you offer your products on CHECK24, giving customers the opportunity to get to know you and your products. Customers who visit comparison websites usually have specific purchase intentions. CHECK24 gives you the opportunity to address and reach a target group that is very ready to buy.

How Can You as a Seller Offer Your Products on CHECK24?

There is an advance check to verify that your products are qualified to sold on the comparison website. Prescription drugs and used goods for example cannot be offered on CHECK24. Are your products qualified for CHECK24? If so, then the next step is registration - free of charge and with no obligations. After the activation your products have to be transferred from your shop to CHECK24. This is done by integrating a product feed. As a full-service Shopware agency, we can take care of creating and integrating your product feed for all price comparison websites. We ensure that all the products you want to offer correctly transferred to the comparison website.