AutoSuggest - SEO

Get more people to visit your shop with suitable search suggestions

What is AutoSuggest?

AutoSuggest offers online shop owners the opportunity to gain more traffic. AutoSuggest ensures that your online shop appears as a suggestion when users enter certain search terms, making your shop more visible, attracting more visitors and ultimately increasing sales.


How Does AutoSuggest Work?

When users enter certain keywords into the address bar on a search engine, AutoSuggest ensures that your online shop appears as a suggestion. Your shop is suggested to the user directly as an auto-completion. This makes the user aware of your shop and they click on the search suggestion. The user then gets your website as a search result and is directed to your online shop. It is important that this SEO traffic is completely organic. This traffic can also have a positive effect on your general ranking in search engines.

AutoSuggest for Your Online Shop

Before using AutoSuggest you should define keywords that are relevant for your shop. Since various packages that can be booked, you should also define how many keywords you want to start with. We are happy to advise you personally about the AutoSuggest function and help you find keywords.